Palmistry, palm reading

Since the ancient times people were curious about the future and were trying to find out the answers on their questions. Palmistry gives us the real chance to learn more about ourselves and the future.

Palmistry - what is it? It's the science of prediction of the future, so called palm reading. People, who are in fond of palmistry, are called chiromancers.

The science of Palmistry appeared long times ago in India. But also it was wide spread in Ancient China, Greece, the Roman Empire, Egypt, Babylon – all these civilizations brought something special to the Palmistry.

For example, the names of fingers are corresponded to the names of ancient Gods: Jupiter, Mercury etc. The word “chiromancy” is consisted of two greek words: "cheir" palm, and "manteia" – fortune-telling.

Palmistry also called palm reading, the second name appeared because there are plenty of abstract meanings in this science. As a result the process of investigation of a palm can be very close to fortune-telling.

Chiromancers can find out peculiarities of the lines, color, shape of a palm, nails, fingers, joint's including even flexibility of palms, and according to this factors, they see all the characteristics of the person.

Nails are indicators of the health condition, palm and fingers show the character, palm lines help to learn about a future or a past. Signs and marks on a palm tell a lot about events in which a person is involved.

Very important thing in the science of palm reading is to know exactly which palm will give the right information. For those, who write with the right hand - this hand is active, and it shows a future, the left hand is passive – a past. The most popular questions to chiromancers are about the life and death, wealth, health, love, kids, work and illnesses. The professional palmist can find on a palm the answers on all these questions.

It's very easy to make a mistake, telling the fortune to a person, that's why each chiromancer has to be responsible for every word, and carefully analyze all the features on the palm.

In Russia the Palmistry wasn't very popular in the 90th, because this science was forbidden and it wasn't very easy to find a special literature. But nowadays the situation changes: new interesting books, sites in the internet and seminars for chiromancers help to develop the Palmistry in Russia and all over the world.